Reviews for Raj Dronamraju’s first two poetry books:

“As a reader, I enjoy being surprised. Dronamraju’s poetry delighted my curiosity as a reader and stimulated my senses as a writer. His vocabulary was enriching, and his poetic language and images were of high standards; this way, he dares the reader to keep up the pace with him, to get on his level and contemplate on life’s many mysteries and everyday life situations with short but very powerful pieces of poetry that give life to the “mosaic” the author has created for us.” – Nicole Arocho at Synchronized Chaos(click here to read more)

“I had so much fun reading this book [....] I couldn't put it down [...It] takes the reader on some interesting journeys, with surprising and vivid insights into a beguiling range of topics.” – Andrew Barber at Pulsar Poetry(click here to read more)

“Both books display an intimate knowledge with consumer culture, holidays, humanity, disappointment, wonder, dreams, and other debris of our modern life. Raj’s work appeals to the witty curmudgeon living in each and every one of us.” – Andrew at the Beach Sloth review blog(click here to read more)

“In Raj Dronamraju's Solidarity With The Flesh Eating Mosaic And Other Poems, as well as in his previous collection, The Return of The Magnificent Ninny and Other Poems, Mr. Dronamraju reflects back modern existence and the human experience, with a wonderful economy of well chosen words, evoking, for me, as much imagery, as it does thought and emotion.. this is real food for thought....” – Debora C. Brown(click here to read more)

“Instinctively drawing off the emotional currents around him, Dronamraju's deep look into the complexities of the human experience, carry the reader into a place that runs thick with empathy, regret, and forgiveness in a world gone wrong.  His words conjure feelings of being saved from ideological isolation, by soaking up sensual observations, then squeezing them out, like a lyrical baptism, raining truth and acceptance where ever he goes. He doesn't speak for himself as much as he speaks for us all. And the beauty of his work is that one walks away from this book a better person for having read it.” – C.C. DeSpira(click here to read more)

“Waltzing us through every kind of darkness and each type of light, Raj Dronamraju returns with singular elegance and precision in 'Solidarity.' Blow after blow, page upon page, the verse harbors a clarity, sweetness and tilting rage that never failed to alter the trajectory of my day. . in fact, I nursed the final 10 pages for over a month...” – Jerry Braver(click here to read more)